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  • Gretchen Wilson To Be A Featured Guest On GAC's 'Celebrity Motor Homes'
    Great American Country has just released their schedule for the upcoming season of 'Celebrity Motor Homes,' and we are proud to announce that Gretchen Wilson will be giving you a tour of her custom motor home on July 24th @ 9pm ET/8pm CT!
  • “I’ve been pretty much touring non-stop for nine years. We call ourselves the weekend warriors,” said Wilson. “Obviously, in our show we’re playing some of the throw back songs, you know all of the ones people can remember from the radio, you know ‘Redneck Woman,’ ‘Here for the Party,’...
  • 'Redneck Woman' Gretchen Wilson shifts gears
    In country music, as in most things, what goes up must come down.  Unless you're George Strait.  And Gretchen Wilson isn't George Strait. So, after three No. 1 albums — including her 2004 five-times-platinum debut Here for the Party — Gretchen Wilson came down. Hard.  The tumble started just a year and a...
  • Here for the party: Gretchen Wilson starts over with her own label
    CHICAGO — Gretchen Wilson didn’t think turning 40 last week was a big deal. To her, it was just another number. Turning 36 a few years ago? That was a different story. “For whatever reason, 36 was hard for me,” Wilson said on Monday, two days before she officially hit 40, from her home in Tennessee. “I felt like...
  • Gretchen Wilson is still a 'Redneck Woman,' but doesn't listen to country music
    With three new albums in the works and a love for Atlantic City, fans of Gretchen Wilson can get their early fix this Friday July 5th as she performs at The Tropicana Casino & Resort.   Check out the full interview after the jump!
  • Gretchen Wilson gives '70s favorites personal touch
    Gretchen Wilson recently released “Under the Covers,” a collection of some of her favorite ’70s rock songs that she recorded, engineered and produced at her Wilson County home studio under the imprint of her own record label, Redneck Records.
  • Gretchen Wilson enjoying creative freedom
    “We’re the ‘weekend warriors,’ and we’ll play any place that will have us. We love coming to upstate New York. It’s like no other place in the country,” Wilson said in a phone interview. “It’s the audience you can only dream about, one that has so much enthusiasm, nobody (in the county music...
  • Gretchen Wilson -
    Gretchen recently released the music video for "Still Rollin'" - the first single off her brand new album 'Under The Covers...
  • 'Right On Time' Review: Gretchen Wilson Branches Out
    Most current country rockers draw on hard-rock arena riffs lifted from the 1990s, but Gretchen Wilson's influences reach back further than that. Her new album, "Right on Time," mines the classic rock of the 1970s – the first single, "Keep on Rollin'," for example, includes a piano-guitar interplay that mirrors...

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